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    Creating a function change the shape of sales data in Qliksense line chart

    celine xu



      could anyone give a suggestion or guidance regarding how could I use expressions in the line chart to change the shape of the line.

      I attached the sample data here.


      In the data, I want to use the Date as the dimension of the line chart and use adjust1 as the measure.

      I set a (vStart) and (vlength) for controlling the start date for how long the function will last.



            If(Datum.autoCalendar.Date>=Date($(vStart)) and Datum.autoCalendar.Date<Date($(vStart)+$(vLength)),

                              If($(vCampaign)=1,Baseline, If($(vCampaign)=2,(function(Adjust1))))



      ) *


      if i place single Adjust1 here the expression works fine


      But I want to able to create some function like. (here the x = Adjust1)

            1/(1-e^x), Cube Root of x, or tan(x) (tangent x)

      how could i do that? is that possible ?


      Thank you!