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    Dynamic Table Building and Plot

    Rohit F

      I have table where columns are CellName, Slope(M), Intercept(C). I want to add filter on the cell name and select one cell, then I want to build and plot a curve for this cell using the formula y=mx+c where x value is from 1 to 100. Please help. How to add the filter and build dynamically the curve in QlikSense?

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          Petter Skjolden

          Here is one way of doing it:


          2018-08-29 18_53_59-.png

          2018-08-29 18_54_41-Qlik Sense Desktop.png


          2018-08-29 18_55_03-Qlik Sense Desktop.png





          The Load Script:


          2018-08-29 18_54_18-Qlik Sense Desktop.png

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              Rohit F

              This is what i was looking for.


              One more help please. I have one more concern here-

              For every cell i have to plot 4 curves. 3 are of type y=mx+c type and fourth is of type y=mx*100+c






              so first three curves are plotted on x and y coordinates and fourth curve on x and y1 coordinates.

              The output should be something like below.


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                Rohit F

                Hi Petter,


                So in the attached qvf I have plotted four curves with there expression with help from your qvf file. Basically I am looking for the below fixes in the attached qvf file,

                1. By default the plots are displayed but not sure for which cell.When i select a particular cell, the plots are not working.
                2. Should plot for every selected cell. Facing issue here on selecting a cell.
                3. Also would like to display the cell name for which the plot is drawn.
                4. I would like to merge both the line graph(one with 3 curves and another one curve), where y-axis for 3 curve will be on left hand side and y-axis for 4th curve is right hand side. X -axis is common for all 4 curves.

                Please help. Thanks in advance



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                    Petter Skjolden

                    Hi Rohit,


                    You are very close to a working solution. Your expressions in the measures needed to be simplified slightly by removing the Min() function. The Calculation Condition had to be reversed too for the charts. I have attached a working solution for you:


                    BTW: if you hold down the CTRL-key while clicking a CellName you will select just that one overriding other selections. This is a handy shortcut....


                    2018-08-31 07_42_12-Qlik Sense Desktop.png



                    2018-08-31 07_41_44-Qlik Sense Desktop.png