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    Flag creation help

    Mahitha M

      Hi Experts,


      Can any one please help me on below requirement.


      I have two tables Table 1 contains TYPE field and  Table 2 contains Comment field. These two tables are linked in on Key field.


      In the UI based on these two fields I have to  create a flag based on below conditions.


      If Comment field =Yes* then its 'Yes'

      if TYPE field = TERMINAL then its 'Yes' Flag else No Flag


      I have tried like below

      if (Match(TYPE ,'TERMINAL' ) or wildmatch(Comment,'Yes* '),'Yes','No')  as Flag


      but here when I have clicked on Yes only TYPE= TERMINAL is selected the second condition Comment='Yes*records are not selected. Please help me on this.


      Thanks in advance.

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          David Štorek


          are you using this if condition in app or in script (just asking because of "as Flag" but generaly doesnt matter)?


          I think your expression works well. As you have it, it should work as following. 'Yes' will be displayed by all rows with Type='Terminal' and also by all rows with Comment=Yes*. Which implies that allso rows with different comments could be selected if type=terminal and vice versa. Se attached app for demonstration.


          You can allso atteched your app with sample to check if it is correct

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            Shraddha Gajare

            Try to create these condition in script