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    Publishing a sheet

    louis lam

      Hi All,


      I got some strange cases when publishing a sheet.



      The app is published

      Case 1:

      I am an admin with root admin right.

      When i publish the sheet from "My Sheet" to "Communtiy".

      Other user account cannot see that sheet in "Communtiy".

      But we have executed this practice in a period of time.

      And it worked fine before.....


      PS:The owner of that sheet belongs to me.


      Case 2:

      User has created a sheet in "My Sheet".

      When i publish that sheet to "Communtiy".

      The sheet is still the user "My Sheet".

      But i can see it in "Communtiy"...


      Please let me know if you have any idea on it......


      Best Regards,