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    How to Create Pie Chart With two measures in Qlik Sense

    Sudhakar Battula

      Hi Guys,


      I have a requirement, I want to create pie char/ donut chart with two measures below i am mentioning my dimensions & measures


      Dimension: Skill Name

      Expression1: =Sum({<[Closed date] = {"$(='>=' & Date(Today()-30))"},[Job Status]={Closed}>} [Total No. of Openings])

      Expression2: ==Sum({<[Closed date] = {"$(='>=' & Date(Today()-30))"},[Job Status]={Closed}>} [Ageing in days])


      I want my chart like this.. this chart i created in qlikview


      I legend i have mentioned dimension and Expression1 and in chart Expression2 values are visibling






      Can you guys Please help me out from this



      Thank you in advance




      B V S Sudhakar