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    Unable to Writeback to Database Respository using Mashup

    anuj qlik

      Hi All,


      I am facing a problem in a Qlik sense mashup, there is a virtual proxy configured in QMC for a mashup using header authentication,

      when I am login into the application using header user injection, I am able to login into the application also I am able to see the data as well,


      But when I am trying to enter and save/post any data from Mashup [which should get saved into the DB] it is not allowing me to save the data and giving me the error "Failed to save comment"


      But when I am doing the same with NT [default proxy] user I am able to save the data/comment.


      I have checked the Dev tools in the browser [using header authentication], it shows me the 403 forbidden [Status Code] onto the writeback authentication URL,


      Please correct me if I am wrong, but it is something related to the webservice API which is trying to writeback the inputted information to the database repository to get the existing comments/data at the time of page loading [Request Method: Get and Status code:403] and also the issue [Status code:403] comes when trying to Post the data to the database and unable to save any data.


      So can someone help me on this issue, where and what to change to solve this issue