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    Grouping in Expression

    Jaydeep Paeikh

      Need help.

      I am trying to generate a line chart in QlikSense Desktop to show counts by grouping a time stamp field with the help of expression.


      The time stamp field used in the graph (END_TS_HR) is a computed field created using expression- Timestamp(END_TIME_STAMP,'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm').


      I am using below Aggr function to group STATISTIC_VALUE by END_TS_HR for the rows where STATISTIC_NAME = 'NumOrdersCreated'.

      But the graph seems to shows END_TS_HR for all rows, irrespective of the value of STATISTIC_NAME.

      Also the STATISTIC_VALUE is not getting grouped by END_TS_HR.


      Dimension: END_TS_HR

      Measure: Aggr(Sum({$<STATISTIC_NAME={'NumOrdersCreated'}>} STATISTIC_VALUE),  END_TS_HR)


      Expected result is -

      END_TS_HR               SUM

      2018-08-16 00:00:00   36

      2018-08-16 00:10:00   11