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    How to use set analysis within a value of network days

    Anthony D'Andreti

      Hello community,


      I am trying to find the average number of days it takes employees to reach a certain sales milestone. This is calculated by the number of days from the date an individual was trained to the date that milestone was reached. For this I have three fields: TrainedOnDate, MilestoneType, and MilestoneDate.  My expression is as follows

      avg(NetWorkDays(TrainedOnDate, day({$<MilestoneType={6}>} MilestoneDate)))/20

      In order for me to find the average time it takes to reach a certain milestone type I have to use set analysis on the MilestoneDate field but that is where I am getting the error of "expecting a ')' ". Though I have check to make sure my parenthesis are indeed correct.


      Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.