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    Issue with ODBC connection for Excels

    anusha kommineni

      Hi All,

      I am working on qlikview to qliksense migration of dashboards. Here I am facing issue with ODBC connection for excel files.

      In qlikview had a sub routine to load all excels in a folder at a time. I need to replicate same subroutine in qliksense.

      Please any one help me for getting this. Very urgent requirement please help me.

      Below is the code used in qlikview

      LET repertoire='\\corporate\Cons\Construction\monthly report\';

      SUB DoDir2 (Root2)
      FOR each File IN filelist (Root2&'*.xlsx')     

      ODBC CONNECT To [Excel Files;DBQ=$(File)];


      load * ;
      next File
      FOR each Dir2 in dirlist (Root2&'\*')
      CALL DoDir2(Dir2)
      NEXT Dir2

      END SUB
      CALL DoDir2('$(repertoire)')




      Thanks in advance.