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    Cashflow Query (with QVF & Data attached)

    Mohammed Al Radi

      Dear Qlik Community,


      I am currently attempting to create a cashflow based on two financial years (2016-2017,2017-2018). I have attached the two excel files that inform the app, the QVF I am using with the script so far developed, and the cashflow pivot table in the front end (correct format but with incorrect results) .


      If I know that the opening balance is 716,998.18 in the 2016-2017 financial year the start of august (first date in the 16-17 dataset), how can i create a cashflow like table that has 'opening balance' on the first row and 'closing balance' on the last row. Likewise I put the opening balance for 2017-2018 (2,241,068). I'm not sure if I should do that for the 2017-2018 financial year as the opening balance should be the final balance from the previous year - in any case the first year itself is not functioning.


      In both data sets you will notice there is an 'OC Flag' column - with the opening balance labelled 'Open' and the closing 'Close' - this field is used in the cashflow script.


      The data contains two data fields. The first being [Month Date] which just details the month each transaction took place and the second the actual DD/MM/YYYY date. Unfortunately the actual 'Date'  field contains many blank values. I have tried linking the cashflow script to each field but no luck. Currently it is linked to the 'Date' field.

      Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you for your support !