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    Error in SAPReportConnection in June 2017 qliksense version.

    Sumanta Kumar Mandal

      In qliksense november 2017 version, SapReportconnector string is working properly which has been generated by qlikview like below

      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPReportConnector original.dll;ASHOST=;SYSNR=01;CLIENT=300;XUserId=xxxxxxx;XPassword=xxxxxxx;";

      I have changed this connection string into CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=C:\Program Files\Common Files\QlikTech\Custom Data\QvSAPConnector\QvSAPReportConnector.dll;ASHOST=;SYSNR=01;CLIENT=300;XUserId=xxxxxxx;XPassword=xxxxxxx;";

      and pasted in qliksense script.



      But in June 2018 version when I pasted connection string in the script SapReportconnector is not working.It is showing error below:

      CONNECTs other than LIB CONNECT are not available in this script mode.