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    IF Statement on to be done on a Selected Field

    paul quirke


      I have a requirement to select a year which comes from the front-end and then execute an IF Statement in a chart.

      For example when 2018 is selected go and get a particular value or else select 1.

      I cannot for the life of me get this working.


      This is my year selection:               SIMULATE.Sim_Year = GetFieldSelections(Calendrier.Année)

      This is my IF Statement:                 if(Currency ='Local',SIMULATE.Sim_Rate,1)


      I need to get the year of the Sim_Rate or the Year of 1.

      I've tried various combinations and I cannot seem to get this to work.



      SIMULATE.Sim_Year = '($(=GetFieldSelections(Calendrier.Année))', if( Currency ='Local', SIMULATE.Sim_Rate,1)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.