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    By Manufacturer Market Share in a specified Segment

    Myka Crizielle Danila



      I have a total market that is divided into 2 segments: Segment A and Segment B. Now I want to show the development of market shares of the manufacturers in Segment A in a line Chart like below:


      Market Share Line Charts.PNG


      In Qlik Sense, I have made a line chart with the Dimensions:Time Period, Manufacturer, Measures:

      =sum({$<Segmentation={'A'}>} ConvertedUnit)/sum({$<Segmentation={'A'}>*1<Manufacturer=>} ConvertedUnit)


      But it doesn't work. It gives me 100% share for each manufacturer because it is dividing it by itself when what I want to happen is:


      (Manufacturer 1 Converted Units in Segment A)/(Total Converted Units in Segment A)


      I also tried using the Total function but it includes  the converted units in Segment B.


      Thanks for your help!