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    Regarding Qliksense constraint

    Abhinay Ranjan

      Hi Team,

      Can anyone comment about the following points w.r.t Qliksense Nov 2017 and June 2018 and applying extension in Qliksense

      Sr. NoQliksense constraint
      1Sizing according to the pixels
      2Font Size and Type
      3Dashboard/Sheet Title Alignment - Center Align
      4Dashboard Title Formatting - Two lines
      5Hiding Sheet Title
      6Accomodating given number of charts in available space
      7Borders for various charts
      8Chart Title/Sub-title Alignment - Center Align
      9Chart - Data Labels Formatting and Sizing options
      10Colouring the charts based on dimension levels
      11Table column Alignment - Center
      12Definitions Page - Spacing between KPI name and definitions
      14Creating a custom colour palette