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    Set Analysis

    Artem Potsuray

      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to write a measure for a bar graph that counts the amount of gages that have a status of CHKOUT, are a specific type, the last modified date is the equal to the system date and the next schedule due date is in the future (greater than the system date or today())


      This is my code:

      RangeSum(Above(Count({ < [EVENT_STATUS] = {'CHKOUT'}, [LAST_MODIFIED_DATE.autoCalendar.MonthRelNo]={0}, [LAST_MODIFIED_DATE.autoCalendar.YearsAgo]={0}, Type = {'Dimensional Instrumentation'}, [SCHED_DUE_DATE] = {"=Floor([SCHED_DUE_DATE]) >= Date(Today())"} > } distinct [GAGE_SN] ),0,RowNo(TOTAL)))


      but set analysis isn't working properly because it is still counting some gages that have a status of INCAL and I don't think that it is only counting gages with a scheduled due date in the future. Do I have a syntax error in my code? I've been over it a couple times but I don't see an issue and the code isn't telling me that there is an error.


      Any help is appreciated.

      Thank you