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    Define X Axis Min/Max on continuous scale Line Chart

    Daniel Haiduc

      Hello everyone,


      I am very to new to QLIK Sense so bare with me


      I have a line chart that display a CDF function for a set of values. Y axis is from 0 to 1 (0 to 100%) and I can see that this is configurable.


      But the X axis is not configurable under Appearances and I would like it to start at 0 and end with a value of my choice. My dimension is a calculated one and obviously the X Axis will start with the lowest value and ends with the highest value from the data set. My calculated dimension looks like:

      =if(Duration]='No' AND [Direction]='Down' AND [TestModule]='ABC' AND [Status]='Successful', Class([BlaBla]],1))


      Any way to achieve this? I was reading around and could only find how to limit the max value so far.