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    Set Analysis Expression in Qlik Sense

    Sudhakar Battula

      Hello Experts,


      I have created one combo chart in qlik view with below mentioned Dimension and Expressions


      Dimension: Recruiter Name

      Expression 1: =Sum({<[Job Status]={'Open'}>} [No. of CV Submitted])    ------(Bar)

      Expression 2: =Sum({<[Job Status]={'Open'}>} [Total No. of Openings]-Placed)     -----------(Line)

      Expression 3: =Sum({<[Job Status]={'Open'}>}Placed) --------------(Line)

      It gave correct results, But

      Now I tried in qlik sense with same expression it is giving wrong values and that too it is giving numbers for all bars and some other number to line values but same number

      can you guys please suggest me how to write those expression in qlik sense

      here i am attaching qvf also