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    Distinct not working in load script

    Simon Bowers

      Can anyone help me understand why the Distinct isn't working in my script on sense.


      The clients may of had several contacts with the same person in a day and I only want to return one of these. In ordered to do this I've added a concatenate and then used Load Distinct.

      When I do a count of DuplicateKey it showing that the same values are being returned and that the load distinct has not worked.


      If I then modify the count to a count Distinct in the expression it then returns my expected values. I need to connect this data to several other tables so want to ensure that I've got the distinct working in my load script.


      LOAD Distinct

        Capitalize(Trim(Num("date")&CICSID&client)) as DuplicateKey,












      I can't post a data file because it contains customer data.


      Many thanks.