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    6GB App not loading in Qlik Sense

    Juan Moreno

      Hi all,


      I've created a Qlik Sense app with quite a lot of data, it weights almost 6GB. Since I loaded the data, I can't access the app overview because it times out. If I open it without data it works.


      I've noticed that if I only load two months of data, it weights around 2GB and then it works fine.


      I have 16GB of RAM in the server, maybe this is the reason why I can't access very large apps? Are there any recommendations on how much memory is needed to handle large apps? Or maybe this is unrelated? What do you guys think?





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          Petter Skjolden

          6GB on disk could expand to as much as 30-60GB or even more in memory.


          There is no single simple way of calculating this as it depends on a number of factors. You data model and the various cardinalities of each field play an important role.


          The Windows Task Manager gives you a good indication of the memory footprint of an application when loaded. See how much memory is free before you load your 2GB app and after you have loaded it. This will give you some idea of the expansion factor.

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            Ivan Bozov

            Hi! I suggest that you explore Qlik's On Demand App Generation capability. Sounds like something you can use. Other than that, yes, the more RAM you have, the better the performance should be.