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    Inforce count - Insuaranc

    Renuka Mannava



      I am trying to calculate the inforce count using the link -  https://community.qlik.com/message/497885#497885


      And I am unable to work out the set expression for LIVE, and DROPPED.


      Dimensions: CalendatMonthAndYear


      Started =count({<DateType={'Start'}>} distinct Policy)

      Expired/Cancelled =count({<DateType={'End'}>} Policy)

      Live =rangesum(Above(Live),Started)   -  This gives me Badfield name - Live,Started.

      Dropped =rangesum(Above(Dropped),[Expired/Cancelled])

      InForce =Live-Dropped


      Live =rangesum(Above(Live),Started)  

      The above expression gives an error as  Badfield name - Live,Started.


      Dropped =rangesum(Above(Dropped),[Expired/Cancelled])

      The above expression gives an error as  badfield name - Dropped,[Expired/Cancelled].