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    Running a QlikSense Task from Command Line

    John Ilett



      I've been trying to kick off a task in the QMC for QlikSense Enterprise (v12.5.2) not Qlikview view a bat file which simply is running and executable. The reason have to do it this way is that after a etl process is complete it needs to kick off the reload of data into the qliksense application.


      Is this possible? And if so do you have an example of how this can be achieved?


      I've tried 3 approaches through the command line, I have created a load task in the QMC which I can manually kick off fine.


      Approach 1 (QMSEDX.exe) : FAILED

      Downloaded the Qlik EDX command tool (but think this is specific to QlikView) from here: Using EDX in QlikView 11

      The command line I run is



      "C:\PowerTools\QMSEDX_CommandLine\QMSEDX.exe" -task="MyTaskName" -timeout=500


      However get the following error and task will not start:


      Approach 2 (Scheduler.exe): FAILED

      Try the same approach above with the scheduler with 2 different statements but both fail with the same issue



      "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Scheduler\Scheduler.exe" -task="MyTaskName" -timeout=500



      Approach 3 (Engine.exe): FAILED


      "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Engine\Engine.exe" -task="MyTaskName" -timeout=500


      Just closes the command line and doesn't do anything



      Any ideas?