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    How to use 'if' & 'between' condition for Background Color Expression

    Ashik Khan

      Hi Experts,


      I want to set background color expression and i have tried to use the following statement, please advise what is wrong with these statements:


      if([Counts] <= '50', rgb(30,144,255), <---- [Counts] here is measure i have used as master items

      if([Counts] >= '51' , rgb(81,81,81),


      Other statement which i have tried:

      if(Count(UserID) <= '50', rgb(30,144,255), <---- here count is aggregate function which counts userid

      if(Count(UserID) >= '51' , rgb(81,81,81),


      I do not know how to use 'between' condition, have tried to search on internet but hard luck...