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    Avg issue

    Mahitha M

      Hi Experts,


      Can any one please help me on below issue.


      When I have applied the below expression for 2017 sales  the results are like below



      In the Total I have to show the average of 2017 Sales now its showing Auto Total as 407.97

      By Changing the above expression for Average like below

      Avg({<Year = {'$(=Year(Max(Date))-1)'}, Month>} Aggr(

      RangeSum(Sum({<Year = {'$(=Year(Max(Date))-1)'}, Month>}Sales)/1000000,

      -Above(Sum({<Year = {'$(=Year(Max(Date))-1)'}, Month>}Sales)/1000000))

      , Year, Month))



      the jan month count is changing from 4.87 to -60.68. That's why the average is not getting correctly.


      Is there any way to restrict the value change in Jan month. Please let me know.






      Thanks in advance