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    SAP Report connector in Qlik

    satish rathod

      Hello Qlik Experts,

      I am Using SAP Report Connector for (Trial Balance) With Qlik Sense and QlikView.

      As we cannot use the this connector directly in Qlik Sense, we have to Create 'A connection String' in QlikView and use Load Scripts in Qlik Sense .

      I am Referring the attached Document for the Connection String.


      First I am Creating my respective connection in QlikView , and it is showing as Successfully connected.

      Afterwards, I am using my existing report number in the Report Section to fetch the given data.

      While fetching the data, delimiter and other options are appearing, so wanted to know how to use these options to remove the some columns and rows from the fetched report.


      After Selecting OK , the scripts appearing , and after loading the data, it show me some lines are fetched,

      however choosing the table with the given fields, the respective data is not appearing ?