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    Sorting When Variables are used in Dimension

    Mallika Mhapankar

      Hi ,

      I have a kind of confusing question here!

      If you look at the graph below, it uses Variables to to be filtered by which is a dimension as follows:

      =if($(vselector2)=1,[Fiscal Year],

      if($(vselector2)=2,[Fiscal Quarter],

      if($(vselector2)=3,[FiscalMonth1])))capture 3.PNG

      And I have sorted it using Expression: NUM(Replace([Fiscal Quarter],'-Q','')) to get the Quarters sorted right.

      However, the months now are not sorted correctly and I'm unsure how to do this because month is not a separate dimension. Quarter, month and year are a part of the variable the graph will get filtered by as given in green above.


      How do I get year months and quarters sorted in ascending order when the respective filter is chosen