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    Qlik Sense Cloud questions

    Shahbaz Khan Mohammed



      I was looking into Qlik Sense Cloud and I couldn't fine any document for Qlik Sense Cloud QMC...

      Do we even have access to QMC when on cloud or is it managed by someone else?

      I work on enterprise and I can freely do anything I can as a developer/admin...

      Do we have same on Cloud?

      How about default data base connectors available in Sense Cloud?

      I registered for 30 day trail on Cloud to see what they have but all I see is Webfile by default.


      We'd like to see how Cloud would work for users who are out side our organization...

      I believe we'd need to allow Qlik Sense Cloud on Internet for users outside our AD?

      How would they access the apps and have a peace of mind about the data and data connections?

      Cloud seem to be in beta phase still which is kind of controlled by Qlik...?