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    Creating a drop down list box in qlik sense

    Andy Manuja


      Appreciate if anyone could help me with creating a drop down list boxes for "Month" and "Fiscal Year" fields  which i derive from a Master Calendar.


      I got data covering Fiscal Year, 2017/18 and 2018/19. Further to that, since each fiscal year got 12 months each, if I simply create a table and add Fiscal Year and Month dimensions, I will have a total of 24 records which does not give a decent look to the application.


      Thus, I am interested in knowing how I could accomplish this task?


      I found the use of Multi Box property but couldn't figure it out how to implement it in qlik sense.



      DivisionSales OrdersActual CostBudgeted CostVariance
      D 517001800100


      Assume I got a table like above(with more data rows) and want to calculate the variance based on the user selected "Fiscal Year" and "Month" for each "Division".

      Hope the question is clear and look forward to hearing from someone.


      Kind regards,