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    expression containing InYearToDate() displays results for the first six months only

    Happy Joshua



        =IF( InYearToDate(RegistrationDate, '30-06-18', 0), YearMonth)

      expression for Current Financial Year yields correct results for the first six months of 2018 only.


      The expression for Online Cust. Reg. KPI is:

      sum(if(BudgetSubCategory='New Customers - Online',MarketingBudgetValue))


      Count(CustomerId) is the expression for Registered Customers dimension

      (refer to reg_cust_financial_year.png attached)



      when I modified the if condition to IF( InYearToDate(RegistrationDate, '30-06-18', 0, 6), YearMonth)

      I got very bizarre results (see reg_cust_financial_year_2.png) as Customer count for each month in 2018 is not even correct.


      How do I modify this table to include results for 20177 (July,2017) until and including 20186?