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    Qliksense Issues - URGENT HELP REQUIRED

    Ashwin Gangwani

      Hi All,


      I am currently working on qlik sense enterprise edition latest version. I have 3 queries


      1. Display multiple measures on the map tooltip.

      Purpose :  To display multiple measures on the map tooltip along with its values. Default map in qlik sense allow us to add only one measure.

      Example : When I hover on any point in the map, My tool tip should consists of following values :


      Dimension : value

      Measure1 : value

      Measure2 : value

      Measure3 : value





      Workaround : Tried using SVG map extension, but couldn't see anything on the map after plotting the measures.


      2. How to use a newline character in qlik sense.


      Purpose : I have concatenated a string and want to use a newline character(line breaker) to display content on newline


      Example : Expression : 'Cell Id:  '& network_kpi.cell_id &'  Site Id:  '& network_kpi.site_id  & '  Payload:  '& network_kpi.total_data_volume_gb


      Text Displayed : Cell Id: 1234 Site Id: 123 Payload: 4.5


      Expectation : 


      Cell Id: 1234

      Site Id: 123

      Payload: 4.5


      Workaround : Tried using \n, chr(13) and chr(10) but no success.


      3. How to change the background color of the app or apply a customized theme to the app in qliksense.