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    transform field to get sum of values and absolute values

    Angel Tomov

      Hello guys,


      I am experiencing a little confusion, with certain fields.


      In the attached excel file, you will find the test transactional data of a company I am working with.


      I am bashing my head against transforming the field SalePrice, from this format "23,45 leva." to 23,45 . Leva is the currency of my country.


      So Far I have tried with 
      KeepChar(SalePrice ,'.,01234567890'), but this doesn't work correctly, it doesnt turn all values and it points to a . in the end. 


      I also have a problem with converting the Quantity field from - to +, I have tried with :
      Fabs(Quantity), but this returns 0 value ..



      How can I transform the SalePrice field, so I only get the Price in an acceptable format with the cents behind the coma. 


      Thanks dear Qlikers !