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    Data Manager

    colin odonnell

      One of my favourite features of Qlik is this.

      t's great for managing association, editing columns, checking a data type etc, and turn to this before Data Model viewer every time.


      I just wish it would always be available regardless of whether I use Data Manager to add/load data or not.


      Sometimes I find the "auto-generated" section disappears when I add more information via the Load Editor.

      It's really frustrating as I then have to add a dummy file in the Data Manager, reload both the script in the Data Load Editor and Synchronise the Tables in the Data Manager to get the "auto-generated" section back.

      Only then can I use Data Manager to review all my data again.


      Is there a simpler solution to this?



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          Ali Ahmad



          That sounds like a bug and it shouldn't disappear.


          I would report that if you are willing to use the time to do it, or else I think you are better off with the scripted way if you look at practicality and not losing your work.



          Ali A

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              colin odonnell

              Hi Ali,


              Yes I can report it but not sure how.

              I'm pretty sure its either when I make new connection or add a new file via the Data Load Editor.


              But I guess this is also a broader question:

              Can/will the Data Manager data preview/edit functionality always be made available (regardless of how the data is added)


              Plus a minor question on how to reinstate DM easily.