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    QVWS & DSC services drop intermittently

    Rido Trader

      Hi There


      We have an issue where the QVWS and DSC services drop and come back up again intermittently/randomly on all the servers


      There doesn't seem to be any spike in connection errors caused by this although throughout the day we do have a high volume of "Internal Server Error" errors which I am unable to identify as well, could they be related?


      how could I test to see what is causing the drop in the services?

      What could I do to try and test the cause of the "Internal Server Error"


      We are using IIS, and ever since we have moved over to IIS the internal server error has been popping up

      Im not sure if this was the previous "no connection" error which IIS reveals as Internal server error, as we did have quite a few "No connection" errors before.


      any suggestions would be appreciated