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    NPrinter Setup

    Rachel Smith

      I am looking for someone to work as a consultant and set up our NPrinter.


      We are based in North Yorkshire, ideally the individual would be able to come here and work on site for the duration of the set up, or at least the majority of it.


      Please can you reply if you have experience of setting up the NPrinter and you fit the location requirements?




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          Ricardo gerhard

          Dear Rachel,


             The installation and set up aren´t complex, but must have some requirements and understandings to do a correct implementation.

               If you are interested on foreign/remote service, let me know that I can help you. I´ve worked with this scenarios.


          Have a great day.

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            Ruggero Piccoli

            Hi Rachel,


            Your responsible partner will contact you soon to help.


            Best Regards,



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