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    Join our official R&D Remote Usability Study Panel

    Sara Leslie

      We are pleased to offer Qlik Community members the opportunity to join our official R&D **Remote Usability Study Panel**. Being a part of the panel gives you exclusive access to use new product features and concepts before they are released and influence the development process of all Qlik software.


      We're looking for users of all levels, all we ask is that you are familiar with basic Qlik functionality.


      If you decide to join the panel, we will periodically invite you to participate in studies that take no more than 15-30 minutes to complete. There is a small cash reward for each completed study, paid out via PayPal.


      Here's how to join:


      1. Use the link below to register on the *WhatUsersDo* portal
      2. Answer 4 quick questions about yourself
      3. Download the audio and screen recording software. This is the **only** software we will ever ask you to install and is what we use to track your usage patterns during the studies.
      4. A quick test of the audio and screen recording installation will be sent for analysis to make sure you're set up correctly.
      5. Done! You're now part of the panel and will be invited to different studies throughout the year.





      Please send an email or post a comment here if you would like to be considered for a future panel.