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    Thomas Chovanec

      We just migrated our QlikView environment to VM. QlikView server is on a separate server than distribution service. We are running

      QlikView 12.1 SR3. The boxes have Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 with VMWARE. We are having a reoccurring issue where our jobs kickoff nightly and then most of them fail at the exact same time with the QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA error. We have had perfmon running at the time of the failures and we are not even close in pegging the resources on the box. We have a 10 GB Ethernet adapter and it does get close to pulling that much data at once. We have made sure the no AV scans are happening and it still happens. We have made sure that the servers are setup to Qlik's best practices for physical boxes. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.