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    Closing old posts

    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

      Hello again,


      In regards to my previous post about old URLs, I've noticed that, as it was happening in the old site, there are people that are replying to very old threads, possibly because they were following those and have found a solution or the thread came up in Google search or whatever.


      Is it possible to make old posts (don't know how old, though, say one year?) not possible to reply to? I mean, I have been following some threads about say master calendar or set analysis that were originally posted in version 8.5 or earlier releases of 9, after googling to solve one issue I came accross today. So instead of opening a new thread or search further, I bump the old question posting something like "Did you solve this? Can you share with me how did you get this done?". The question may be even correctly answered, but with now obsolete suggestions.


      As there are new features in new QlikView versions, and URLs forwarding to further information are unavailable because of the path difference between old and new sites, so making harder for me to follow up the subject, and it will be probably easier to start a new discussion on that topic that will not be redundant since there have been changes in the software itself.


      What do you people think?

        • Closing old posts
          Patrick Laredo



          an interesting way could be to stop people having a "reply" link to these old posts but instead "start new post" link which automatically links back to the original thread, this way the new post can be seen in context. Often the new post is a variation on an older answer. It could help in having a cleaner forum with fewer but richer threads.