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    "Status" feature

    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

      Hello all,


      Not sure if this has been asked (and answered) previously, but is it possible to set some kind of "Status" where I can set "On Vacation", "Back from holidays, let me three days to clean up my mailbox" and so? Maybe after the name, but something broadcasted to your friends, those who have written you a private message or at least in your profile?


      If not, I'd vote to have something like this in the Community, letting everybody know when you are out (if you want to).


      Thanks and good job to the Web team and Jason in particular!


      Miguel Angel Baeyens

      BI Consultant

      Comex Grupo Ibérica

        • "Status" feature



          There is a "user updates" feature, which is akin to Twitter or Facebook status updates, but we have it turned off for now, as it was a feature that we found to be confusing and didn't really fit into our strategy at launch.  We will probably roll it out in the future, but for now we are making sure the transition from the old site is finished!


          Thanks for the suggestion!