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    Bad dream - or is everything really gone?

    Ellen Blackwell

      Friends, favorites, profile info, bookmarks, user groups (those that I belonged to as well as those which I created), uploaded Qlikviews, etc., etc., etc. Yes, I read the post regarding the friends list, but come one, what happened - and is it permanent?!

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          Actually yes, those things are gone. I've just come back from a month switched off and I've just uploaded a QlikView I posted in regards to set analysis and date ranges. And everything else (friendship, avatar, conversations, and other files) are gone. Group memberships should work, though.


          Anyway, try contacting Jason Long to check whether he can get some of your stuff back (files, mainly).


          Hope that helps.


          P.S.: Just learned from this post in addition to the above.

            • Bad dream - or is everything really gone?

              Miguel isn't completely right, but close.  Here is the rundown:


              • Friends: The way that QlikCommunity friends were stored in the database was nonstandard and extremely difficult to migrate, and the feature was used by very few people, so we were not able to bring them over.
              • Favorites: These, like the profile data, were stored in a proprietary, nonstandard format in the database that made them almost impossible to migrate.  Also, the URLs of a discussion threads have changed, so they would not have functioned properly anyways.
              • User Groups: Out of 300 User Groups on the site, almost 80% had no activity within the last year.  Since the migration of these increased the amount of time it took to switch to the new site, we cleaned up a large number of defunct, empty or "ghost" groups.  The groups that are active and have content have been retained on the site, with membership intact.
              • QlikViews: These are NOT GONE and we will begin moving them back into place soon.  We have to add these by hand to our new custom QlikViews object, and embed permanent Personal Edition licenses in the files that are helpful, so it is time-consuming.  We are aiming to have that done by the end of this month.


              We were able to migrate the vast majority of actual QlikView content from the old site, but not everything could be done with the time, budget and resources available.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience, and I hope that you will continue to participate on the site with us.



              Jason Long

              Community Manager