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    Poor response on my quiries!


      Dear qlik community!


      It was noticed that most of my issues are not responded by our community which drives me feel so bad. I simply do not understnad the reason behind. To be very honest I am still a learner & so far I have been assisted by some of the experts to resolve my issues. But  for the last Month or so I have not been replied even for issues which are repeatedly done.I may be able to correct myself if I have done something not the best way it should have been done. If I have done something like that of course it should have been due to my lesser experience & so on. But at times I may have put simillar kind of issues hoping I might get very easy alternatives from different calibre of people. I like this community so much & need to be in it. Please help me to resolve my issues which would be a great favor done.


      Best Regards 



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          Jeremy Latimer

          Hi Neville,


          Thanks for your post. I've sent you an email with some advice that may help you get responses to your posts. Please keep in mind that this is a volunteer community, and participation may be lower than usual during the holiday season. Your patience is appreciated.


          Best regards,

          Qlik Community Team

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            Carlos Silva



            I've seen many topics of you asking help and many responses like "Can you explain a little bit more?" or responses like that. So I guess you are not explaining really well your requirements.

            Maybe you can try to explain better your requirements to get  better responses.