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    Dashboard very slow when connecting to Qlikview Server (AWS)

    taylo mcgrath



      I'm experiencing some weird latency issues with a client's QV dashboard. We've installed Qlikview Server on an AWS EC2 instance (region us-east-1). My client is in the Boston area and I'm in New York. I log into their network via their VPN.


      The weird thing is that when I open a dashboard on the server from my local Desktop client, the performance is fine (these dashboards are pretty lean). BUT when my client attempts the same, the same dashboards are extremely slow (~30 seconds to open a tab that only takes about 1-2 seconds for me). He seems to think it's because I'm closer to the AWS location (Virginia) but I don't think the distance from Boston to NYC is substantial enough for that kind of difference in performance.


      You'd think if anything, my connection would be slower since I'm using VPN and not on-site connected to their network.


      I'm mostly looking for any ideas the community has for troubleshooting this issue.