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    Sizing and host estimations

    shay raber



      Recently we are suffering from a performance issues.

      We added recently a large document and I wish to perform estimation to our hosting machine.

      I have an Excel spread sheet which calculates the machine's requirements (RAM, cores and CPU) and it depends mainly on documents, their footprint, and estimation of concurrent users.

      Few questions:

      1. 1. We have few document that only u (BI and IT team) use but they appear at the access point –should they also be considered (they're small and rarely in use)?
      2. 2. Concurrent users – can I 'trust' the No. in the governance dashboard? Seems a bit low…
      3. 3. When calculating document footprint – should I open the document locally and view how high the RAM is in use until the document opens? Or how high the RAM is while navigating inside the model?

      Please advice