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    Looking for a job in the area of BI, preferably QlikView, in Regensburg area

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I've been some time now searching for a job opportunity of this kind in my area. I'm really passionate about QlikView - I have some years experience in BI_development, but comparably low_profile for reasons in the nature of the company I'm working for. I somewhat compare my current situation to the one I found myself in when I started out on my career working with MS Excel - I realized that all of my colleagues were using a few % of the actual capabilities of Excel. I feel that, despite my year-long experience in working with QlikView, what I do with it might come up to about 50% of what QlikView can do.

      It seems that comparably few companies have internal resources to look after their BI needs, more specifically  BI with QlikView - there seem to be such jobs only in Munich or the other mayor cities in Bavaria? I would be very interested to learn about opportunities in this area near where I'm located - Obertraubling/ Regensburg.

      I have a profile on stepstone and on XING.

      I just read there is a Qlik_Community-like group on LinkedIn. Maybe I should consider joining that? I don't have LinkedIn just like I don't have Facebook or Whatsapp or whatnot, but well, one has to prioritize.

      Maybe someone here can give me some advice on how to find my way there?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,