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    Slow sheet loading on access point compared to QV client

    Abeer Bhatnagar

      I have multiple sheets on my dashboard. On one of my sheets which is having 2 charts, I'm experiencing a strange behaviour that the total time to render the sheet is more than the time to render each chart individually. To put things in prospective, when the sheet is having both charts it takes 65 seconds to render on access point, however when i disable first chart sheet only takes 25 seconds to render while if disable second chart (i.e. sheet is only having first chart) it renders in 30 seconds on AP.


      Normally, on all my other sheets the rendering time on AP is roughly dictated by the slowest loading component's rendering time assuming (i guess because all components load parallely)  but here it is more than both of them combined. On QV client this sheets exihibits different behaviour i.e. both chart loads under 30 seconds.


      What can be possible reason for this behaviour ? Both charts have similar expressions and dimensions. One is scatter chart other is straight table.