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    QlikCommunity Login Facility Not User Friendly

    Matthew Dolan

      Hello All,


      Loving the Qlik Community - there is so much helpful advice and open sharing.


      One thing that's starting to bug me though, is the login facility.


      I mostly use google to search for threads as I don't find the inbuilt search to be as useful (maybe I'm just google brainwashed), when I click on a thread from google I'm not automatically logged in to the Qlik Community - I can login from the top right and have my password stored and automatically login - but it doesn't redirect me back to my original thread. Then I need to search using the title of the thread or the number of the thread manually in order to make a response or comment.


      Am I the only one? Surely with a community of genius' this has been encountered and there's a fix somewhere?


      Is there a better way?!

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          Jeremy Latimer

          Hi Matthew,


          Thanks for reaching out to us. I find that if I am logged in on one tab of my browser (Chrome), then when I search Google in a new tab and click a link to the Qlik Community, I will be logged in on the page I'm directed to. You can leave a tab up where you're logged in continually.


          Give that a try and let me know if that works for you.



          Qlik Community Team

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            Sara Leslie

            Did that help Matthew?


            Login can be complicated and there are a number of security issues we have to consider. So we have login software which applies to almost all of our external sites across different different technology platforms.

            We know this is not the ideal user experience are always looking to improve for our members and will be sure to remember this issue.


            Thanks for bringing this up!