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    Syntax optimization - aggregate function - Script

      Hello everyone,


      I'm working on Qlik and I am facing a huge performance problem.

      Indeed, I made hard calculations and the application now takes several seconds (or sometimes minutes or total stop) to be updated at every click!

      I spent several days and I can't find a solution so I really need you !!!

      I have 3 main tables to calculate the consumption of articles for each finished product in each workshop (by month):

      - 1st table :  Consumption (Q = quantity) by article and by workshop, site, month and year (for example in m3)

      - 2nd table : Production (v= volume of processed tons) of product by workshop, month and year (for example in Tons)

      - 3d table : Theoretical consumption (e_th) by product AND article (for example in m3 / Tons).

         It's a kind of  theoretical bill of materials updated only one time by year . But it's not the true consumption by product...

      Capture QLIK.PNG

      and an other table similar to the 1st one with the fix consumption (F= baseline) by article and by workshop, site, month and year

      So the true consumption by article and by products (q) is not known (we want q = v x e) and I need to calculate it like that :

      e = e_th x  (Q - F) / (Qth -F)

      with Qth = SUMPRODUCT(v x e_th)

      I did this calculation. It works but the response time is very high...







        Aggr($(e_th) * SUM({$<YEAR = {$(Year_N)}>}$(v)),[SITE NAME],WORKSHOP, MONTH,ARTICLE,PRODUCT))





      Capture Qlik 2.PNG

      Do you think it's possible to do this calculation directly in the script to have the table above??

      If you have any idea please answer... It's will be very helpull !!!!!



      Thanks a lot