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    Distribution Tasks Slower in QV 12

    Bret Meissner



      We am currently running QlikView Version 11.2 and are looking at upgrading to Version 12.  I have a test environment set up and I've been running some of our current tasks to see how they measure up in V12 vs V11.2.  I'm seeing a slight improvement in the reload tasks I've chosen to test with, i.e., the tasks run a little faster in V12.  However, my distribution tasks are running twice as long in Version 12.  I am doing Loop and Reduce distributions which create approximately 1,500 small, reduced apps.  I'm not sure why these would be slower in V12.  I've ruled out any differences in hardware, or disk I/O, the only thing that's different is my version of QlikView.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?