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    Qlik community membership for non-working people

    Kausik Ganguly

      Hi All,

      If I quit my present job (& lose the company email id I am using) -- will I be able to retain my present membership by updating info (my gmail id) ?



      Or the membership is only for working people ?





        • Re: Qlik community membership for non-working people
          Jeremy Latimer

          Hi Kausik,


          Thanks for your question. Qlik Community is open to anyone, regardless of employment. There are some sections of the community and support services through Qlik.com that are only available to paying customers, which you would lose, but the majority of the community is open to everyone.


          If you have a work email address listed on your community account, when you change employment, remember to contact qoncierge@qlikview.com and ask them to update the email address on your account to another email address that you will have access to.


          Let me know if you have any further questions.



          Qlik Community Team