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    Qlik Community Database

      Hi Masters


      I don't know if I have english language skills enought to explain what I want, but I will try:


      I was wondering to create an application in Qlikview to follow my path (activities) in the Qlik Community. Well, the first thing I thought was copy the URL of my activity log on Community and use it to get data (as Web File - Internet File). Unfortunately this didn't work (I think it's because my log is available only to loged in users). Thus I ask:


      1) Is there a way to access this data?


      2) Don't you think it's strange a community of a BI tool without a dashboard or else to the members? (Please, sorry if this already exist and I don't know!)


      Thanks in advance!


      Best regards,



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          Hi Marcello,


          I'm the Qlik Community Administrator, and I wanted to shed a bit of light on this. I'm excited that you're looking to using your Qlik Community data to hone your Qlikview skills!


          To answer your questions:


          1) There is not currently a way to access data on a per-user basis. We run corporate reports using Qlik Sense and all community data but this requires admin-level community access due to the sensitive nature of some of the data (emails, names, proprietary information, etc.)


          2) I agree here! Right now, the only way for users to view data in the community is inside of groups they are the owner/admin of. It is exportable, but must be done manually and is a little lightweight. You can access this by viewing "Reports" in the top green bar of a group you're an owner/admin of.


          We're looking at ways to better present this data to our customers and community members, and your post has caught attention. It would be great, for instance, if we could expose just a user's community data for access and use this inside a training module or something. We've taken note and will evaluate soon!


          Thanks for being a valued member of the Qlik Community. Reach out for anything.



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              Hi, Andy! Thanks for the feedback!


              By the image in your Profile Page in Community, I can imagine how you are now after my question!


              As I expected, my QlikCommunity Activity DashBoard (yes, it already has a name!) will be for the future. No problem, may be you call me to the QlikCommunity Team to make this database real thing!


              Thanks Andy, nice to meet and talk with you!


              Best regards,