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    Job Openings?

    John Simmons

      Please tell me you guys are hiring developers to fix QlikView.

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          Martin Mahler

          QlikView has already been fixed with the latest Service Release - check the release notes.

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              John Simmons

              I'm using 12.0.2 - have the following problems been fixed?


              - Adding a line series to a stacked bar chart unstacks the bars


              - Adding a line series to a bar chart with a reference line deletes the reference line


              - You can't set the plot area color in a line chart.


              - Trend lines are not smooth (they stair-step)


              - You can't select which dimension to attach a trend line to. Instead, you get a trend line for *every* dimension.


              - If the data does not meet or exceed a reference line expression, the reference line doesn't show up at all. If a reference line is specified, the chart should always show it (assuming it's set that way in the ref line edit form).