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    qvp protocol performance

    Moritz Reinhard

      We are OEM partner of QlikView and sell our documents to hospitals and laboratories and are also responsible for the installation of the qlikview server at our customers. At one of our custumers we installed the qlikview server (all on one Windows Server) and tested the performance of the qlikview documents on three other Server using as client the qlikview local client. The performance was really good. However, there are two computers in the same network where the performance is really bad. You can see best when you type some letters in the list box search field, the letters appear very slow (maybe one letter per second). The CPU and RAM had normal values.


      I suspect that the problem lies in the network. As far as I have read, QlikView uses the qlikview protocol qvp and we have to assure that


      1. Firewall does not block port 4747

      2. no proxy, no load balancers, no router

      3. a minimum network speed (our custumer has 1 Gbit/s)


      Since the costumer is responsible for its network I have no full insight to it. They say that these requirements are satisfied. My questions are


      A. Are there any further requirements for the network for a better performance of qlikview client

      B. Are there also requirements on the local computer?

      C. How to find out the problem, how to check how quickly the qvp protocol was sent?